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CROSS/JPARC in Japan - April 14-16, 2015

Background and History

At the canSAS-V meeting in Washington DC in the fall of 2007, the canSAS community (collective action for nomadic small angle scatterers) continued the trend started at the previous meeting in the UK of moving the discussion beyond data formats to discuss the variety of issues that affect SAS practioners worldwide. At that meeting, participants also started discussing how to build a community to move beyond discussions at meetings and to take sustainable longer term action. Actions that respond to themes and issues were identified at these meetings. Several working groups were set up to continue working after the meeting. Since then, the domain was acquired, this wiki and a web presence were set up, and the working groups have moved forward. In the summer of 2012 a small workshop (with the focus on "work") was held in Uppsala to advance the work of three of the working groups. Progress has been presented at the international SAS meeetings in Oxford in 2009 and Sydney in 2012.


The time is now ripe for the community to come together again as a whole, at a dedicated meeting, away from the distractions at other large meetings to discuss how issues have evolved and what the current challenges are for the community. In that spirit, the community is encouraged to participate early in shaping the content of the meeting by suggesting topics and speakers/discussion group leaders. Thus the aim for this workshop is to provide a forum for sas users and providers to come together to discuss common needs and issues, to learn from each others experiences, discuss current best practices, hear about emerging techniques, and when possible to identify areas where the field/state of the art could be improved by bringing together the people that are interested and able to work cooperatively to solve the problem. Since the goal of the workshop is to foster discussion and collaborations on issues affecting the global sas community (nomadic scatterers) besides participating in the discussion sessions, please consider submitting a poster. Posters are excellent ways to provide basic information that can then be used to seed or enhance discussions.

Venue and Registration

Registration is now open. Please visit meeting is hosted by JPARC and CROSS and will be held at the Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center (IQBRC) in Tokai, Japan.

Note that as a community (grass roots) effort there are no specific funds to support the local organizing expenses of such meetings. Instead these expenses will be covered through the small registration fee of 5000 JPY asked of each paricipant. There is also an optional banquet for an extra 6000 JPY.

Meeting Schedule and Topics

The detailed daily schedule for this meeting is posted here

Poster abstracts

Links to slides from talks

The plan is to have a mix of plenary lectures on important topics, some plenary discussions, as well as several break out/parallel discussion sessions to discuss how we as a community might address specific issues. Topics currently include:

  • Data Analysis Issues
    • Co-refinement of SAXS and SANS
    • Goodness of Fit Criteria and True Parameter Uncertainty Estimates
    • Multiscale Analysis Issues
    • Challenges in Modelling Anisotropic Data
  • Reproducibility and Reliability
    • Understanding Sources of Errors and Uncertainties and their Effect on Data Interpretation
      • Instrumental Corrections/Issues
      • Resolution
      • Multiple Scattering Issues
    • Reference and Calibration Standards
  • Emerging Publication and Deposition Standards and their Implications
    • For Data Formats
    • For Inovative Use and Advances of SAS Techniques
    • can One Set of Standards Really Apply to All of SAS?
  • Develompent of a Global SAS Portal
  • Emerging Techniques and the Challenges to Harnessing their Capabilities
    • GISAS
    • Next Generation SAS Instrumentation
    • Issue of Big Data
  • Data formats

NOTE: All presentations will be given in English.

Local Organizing Committee

  • Jun-ichi Suzuki(CROSS)
  • Kazuki Ohishi(CROSS)
  • Hiroki Iwase (CROSS)
  • Shin-ichi Takata (J-PARC)
  • Mitsuhiro Shibayama (ISSP)

Program Committee

  • Paul Butler (NIST)
  • Adrian Rennie (Uppsala Univ.)
  • Sung-Min Choi (KAIST)
  • Duncan McGillivray (NZ)
  • Pete Jemian (APS)
  • Naoto Yagi (Spring-8)