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Welcome to the canSAS Working Groups wiki.

This site is to allow the members of the various canSAS Working Groups to share and record information about their group's progress.

The report from the canSAS-V workshop (PDF available here) describes the terms of reference for the working groups. A summary and links to the wiki pages are below.

Also here is a start at a Data Format Archive

Facilities Representatives Discussion Group

The intention is that this be a group that meets by tele- or video-conference two to four times a year to discuss cross-facility issues and to develop co-operation.

1D Data Formats

Based on the proposal of Steve King and Ron Ghosh, this group has developed a common 1D Reduced Data format in XML.

Format for Multi-Dimensional Data

(May 2008) Multi-Dimensional Data standards will be discussed by the 1D Data Formats working group. Others are welcome to contribute their thoughts.

IGOR Pro Developers

A number of SAS software packages are developed using IGOR Pro and this group is intended to agree common coding standards to make sharing of code easier and reduce the problems of having multiple packages, with potentially similar functions, loaded simultaneously into IGOR.

Group Wiki Page


This group will develop a suite of SAS standardization methods, arrange for facilities to use them and report on the status of each tested instrument.

Group Wiki Page

Global SAS Web Portal

This group will develop a web portal based on the one at to act as a "one-stop-shop" for all things SAS.

Group Wiki Page

Please direct any questions about this site to Andrew Jackson