Discussion Group C4

From canSAS

Towards a common (multidimensional) data format and implementation

Discussion Leaders

  • Andrew Jackson


  • Discussion of the details of definition and implementation of the canSAS 2012 proposal / NXcanSAS
  • The definitions of resolution needs work
    • @Q_uncertainty – not good name, needs beefier definition that can include beam profiles and arrays etc.
  • and intensity uncertainties need work!
    • Multiple uncertainties – need definition of terms other than Idev (sigma) e.g. Iscalingerror
  • Lots of good feedback to improve the definition and make it more usable
    • This will be taken by the working group and the definition updated
  • General conclusion was that we should work towards having the NXcanSAS definition adopted by NeXus


  • Uncertainty descriptions – Brian Pauw
  • Cross checking of keyword/entry names against NeXus definitions and see where we need extra - DFWG
  • Updates to definition based on feedback - DFWG
  • Update documentation - DFWG
  • Reference datasets - DFWG
  • Reference/example implementations of readers & writers – DFWG & all (at least those who write software!)
  • Work with NIAC to get NXcanSAS ratified as core application definition in NeXus - DFWG


Discussion Notes