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Notes from Breakouts

Some notes from the discussion in break-out groups are posted below:

The round-up discussion led to some agreed actions:

  • Everybody needs to advertise the SAS portal.
  • Brian Pauw agreed to prepare a poster that would describe the content on the SAS portal that would be suitable for display at facilities and meetings.
  • Adrian Rennie has agreed to post a list of papers describing scattering models used in SAS analysis that could be linked from the portal. This is now available from 5 June 2017 at:
  • Pete Jemian will liaise with organisers of SAS-2018 and try to arrange a canSAS prize or prizes for short video describing SAS methodology and experiments relevant to the canSAS outreach goals.
  • Chris Tassone will start to prepare a list of case studies sorted by subject area for the portal.
  • All people from facilities were asked to check that the information about beam lines and instruments linked from the SAS portal ( is correct and up-to-date. Corrections and additions should be notified via the link on the page.
  • Work with data formats now needs to emphasise the exploitation of the agreed n-dimensional format with development of software both to write data and to analyse data.

Previous activities from the information working group are documented at: