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Discussion session with Anton Paar

Chair: Katie Weigandt

Facility Representatives: Tim Snow (Diamond), Stephen King (STFC), Kathryn Baker (STFC), Roland Kadar (Chalmers), Jeff Krzywon (NCNR), Katie Weigandt (NCNR), Judith Houston (ESS), Henrich Frielinghaus (MLZ), Christian Lang (MLZ), Georg Brandl (MLZ), Harald Schneider (ESS)

Anton Paar Representatives: Andre Brown (Application Support), Klaus Wollny (Software Coordinator), Peter Hof (Team Leader), Jörg Läuger (Lead Rheology Scientist)

Session Notes

<<Notes coming soon>>

Contemporaneous notes by Jeff Krzywon available here

Google Doc With Notes


  • Katie – Give Jeff list of names to add the email chain
  • Jeff – Add Lionel, Andre, Kathryn (use her STFC address) and others to email chain
  • Klaus – Documentation on Lab Automation System, Triggering, and Basic Information on Scripting
  • Jeff – Post notes to canSAS wiki and send out to email chain
  • Jeff – Send SECoP and ISSE websites to email chain
  • Anton Paar – Meeting to determine which safety features are built in to the rheometer vs. which are features of RheoCompass
  • Steve – Share information on existing bob that uses quartz bob with metallic top and bottom with Anton Paar