round robin

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Q Standard Round Robin

This page is the working page for the Q Standard round robin.


  • Joseph Kline (NIST - chair)
  • Adrian Rennie (Uppsala University)
  • Paul Butler (NIST - temporary?)
  • Others TBA

Planning Thoughts

  • Shipping a valuable sample internationally without incurring taxes will require some careful planning/ thought. It may be easiest to ship back and forth from a central place (NIST seems the most natural in this case) rather than actually pass the same artifact around directly? Also arrange for return shipping as part of shipping?
  • Need to develop protocol to send to each participant. How well the protocol works will help in refining the final protocol sent with the artifact. Protocol should probably include:
    • calibrate instrument in usual way
    • measuring a standard nanoparticle sample
    • measuring the artifact using a rocking curve to ensure a proper measurement
    • measuring the artifact rotating around the center point to get Qx and Qy on the detector
    • position accuracy of 1mm is probably good enough
    • rotational accuracy of 0.1 degrees is probably sufficient
    • return measured pitch.