sasXML and IGOR

From canSAS

The XMLutils.xop can be used to read and write XML data in IGOR. This means that IGOR can be used as a program to create and use sasXML files.

Based on the current suggested sasXML (1D_Data_Formats_Working_Group) format it has been used to create a demo sasXML file, using the IGOR procedure file given below. The procedure is fairly basic, but is fairly easy to understand. It could be adapted easily to write several scans to the file.

Since the sasXML file will be fairly rigid in terms of what node names are used, a single Igor structure could be used to carry the data before it is written to XML. The consequence of this is that this could be the only file that is needed by any SAS reduction program to produce a sasXML file, i.e. IRENA, NCNRIGOR, ORNLIGOR.

sasXML file written: File:ARJNtranscribeAJJ.xml

IGOR procedure file used: File:NISTsasxml.ipf